Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Can’t Stop Pt.2

    With a freshly showered body, I headed home. I reached over and pulled my phone out of the glove compartment. Fuck! I thought while glancing at how many missed calls I had. I had 4 missed calls from my husband's cell, and 3 missed calls from the house phone. Somebody better had died for him to be calling so much! Before I could even wonder why he was blowing up my phone, I realized a needed an alibi. For the first time in 5 months, I actually needed an alibi. I always kept my phone with me, but this was going to be our cease and desist. I was ready to terminate this…this…this fling tonight, but I needed some uninterrupted time with my lover. I couldn't even use work as an excuse because he had surely called my office number. What would I say when I got home?

    I quickly went through the rolodex in my head, trying to find someone to use as an alibi. Someone that he wouldn't have already called. Tanya! My cousin Tanya that he HATES to no end. Yea-she's a good alibi. So I call Tanya to let her in on what's going on-well, only part of it.

    "Hello?" she answered on the second ring.

    "Hey girl! It's me" I responded. Then before she could interject I continued, "Look-I need a really, REALLY big favor from you! If anyone asks where I was tonight tell them I was at your place."

    "Ok..." she said, sounding a little puzzled, "but where were you anyway."

    "Catching up with a friend the hubby doesn't like. Hey I gotta go. I'm pulling up in my driveway. I'll explain later."

    "Alright," she said. "We'll talk tomorrow. I got some new dick that'll be here any minute now."

    "Ok. Thanks. Bye." It all kind of came out in one blurb. Now all I've got to do is make sure that's the story hubby thinks is the truth and I'm in the clear!

    I walked into the house, and there was this unusual silence. No children laughing or yelling. No TVs going. Just silence. I walked into the kitchen to see my husband sitting at the kitchen table with his head in his hands. Oh shit!

    "Hey babe," I greeted him.

    "Hey honey," he said, jumping from his chair.

    "Look I saw the missed calls and-"

    "Baby I got the job! I got the job! God answered our prayers, and right on time! I couldn't wait to celebrate with you, so I started calling to ask you to come home. The kids are at my mom's. It's just me and you tonight-to celebrate."

    I put on the biggest smile I could muster. "Oh babe! That's wonderful! I always told you someone would take you off the market when the time's right!"

    Before I could get out anything else, he grabbed my hand was literally running upstairs with me in tow. What the hell? He took me to our bedroom and immediately began kissing me so passionately. Damn! My baby got his mojo back! Reaching up under my dress he palmed my ass and I was beginning to get wet at the thought of this great sex he was about to unleash on me.

    "Uhh babe-I gotta pee." I panicked. I've never been with my lover AND my husband in the same day. I try not to be 100% grimy. What am I going to do? This man just got a new job I gotta give him some! I sort of put my mind at ease by focusing on the fact that Mr. Officer didn't penetrate me today. It was just oral, and I wasn't the giver. Lord, my knees started to shake.

    My hubby knocked on the door. "Baby you okay in there?"

    "Yea! I'll be right out honey!"

    Think. Think. THINK! Okay-it was only oral, and I've already showered. Maybe I could get away with just sucking his dick. I flushed the toilet and ran the sink water for good measure.

    Exiting the bathroom, I saw my hubby sitting on the side of the bed, with the TV on. Damn is he bored already? I walked over to him and straddled him. I kissed his lips as hungrily as he had done mine, and we were now on the same rhythm. Easing back onto the bed he lifted my dress to my waist, exposing my naked ass and pussy. The way he gripped a cheek with one hand and slipped a finger inside my love below with the other-I could tell he was pleased and raring to go.

    "Mmm," I moaned heavily into his ear. He reached down, unbuckled his pants, and pulled out his dick-my dick. My pussy was soaked at the mere thought of fucking him in every position we could manage. He pulled me back down on top of his body, and I brushed my pussy lips across his rock hard penis. Then he reached down, about to make his dick meet my opening when I stopped him.

    "Not so fast babe," I said while sliding towards his feet. "Mama missed Daddy's dick so much, I gotta take my time with it!" A cheesy grin spread across his face, and his folded his hands behind his head. Eyes closed, he was ready for whatever I had in store. I climbed off the bed and took off his shoes, slid down his pants and boxers, then bent over and let my mouth meet his groin. Planting soft, wet kisses along his thigh, I stroked his dick to maintain that erection. When my mouth reached his rock hard manhood, I let a warm breath graze over his head. I then went to his other thigh-leaving a light tail of saliva headed towards his dick. I grabbed it, and allowing my tongue to trail up the underside of his member. I flicked my tongue right under the head, and licked all around it. I took his dick in my mouth just a little at a time. Bobbing up and down I took in more and more. I sucked like my life depended on it until I got to the base. I deep throated my husband's dick like nobody's business.

    "Shit girl! You gonna make me cum quick!" In one swift motion he got up from under me and somehow ended up behind me. He used his feet to move mine apart, exposing my already wet pussy. He put his hand on the small of my back, bending me over until my head hit the mattress. Sticking his throbbing dick inside me we both moaned-signaling our hunger for more. Stroking me soft and slow he reached between my legs, and played with my clit. "Damn baby this pussy is so wet! Fuck-this is my pussy ain't it?!" I couldn't even answer him I was in such ecstasy. Unsatisfied by a lack of response, my husband grabbed my hair, and forced my head into deep into the mattress. "This is my pussy ain't it?!" he repeated. Picking up on his game, I remained silent, wondering what he would do next.

    He picked up the pace pounding his pelvis into my ass and thighs. "I said this is my pussy ain't it?!" This time he mashed my head into the mattress as far as it could go, and went for short, hard, penetrating strokes.

    Feeling my pussy walls start to quiver all I could say was "OHHHHH YES!!!" I guess I said the magic words, because he slipped out, pushed me on the bed, and flipped me over. Inserting his dick slowly, missionary style I swore I saw stars, and maybe even a glimpse of heaven. He stroked slowly like he was making love in a movie, and then began to pick up speed. Our bodies rocked the bed, smashing the headboard into the wall. Thank God the kids aren't home! As we came closer and closer to climaxing, he ripped the strap on my dress, exposing one breast. He sucked my nipple with just the right intensity, and I could feel my body rattling. My walls started to rattle too, gripping his dick, and he pumped extra hard. As me and my hubby reached our orgasms together, I heard the most beautiful music. My fluids left his penis and groin super soaked, and his sperm was somewhere inside my vagina-free to roam. My man definitely had his mojo back.

    I awoke at about 3 am, dress still partially on, and ripped. My husband lay with his hand on my pussy, and my stomach was in knots. Maybe it's just a little gas. I went to the bathroom, flicked on the light, and felt a warm liquid running down my leg. It's probably some residual nut. I grabbed a tissue and wiped, and I looked down at the tissue. I saw bright red blood.

    I sprinted back into the bedroom to my husband's side of the bed.

    "Babe," I said as I shook him. "Babe! BABE!" His eyes opened. "I need to go to the hospital."

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