Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Can't Stop (First Story)

"Why am I doing this?"
I ask myself that every time he and I meet up. Sigh. I have what everyone would consider the perfect life; the husband, the home in the suburbs, nice cars in the driveway, vacation properties, 2.5 kids, a cat and a dog….yeah-what everyone wants. Oh the 2.5 kids? I'm 3 months pregnant with our third child. Although I've been having an affair, I know it's my husband's because I always use condoms with my lover.

Typically it's the man who works in corporate America, brings home the bacon, and is sleeping with his secretary. Only-that's my life, minus the secretary part. The guy I've been seeing…mmmm. I am the head of the PR department at a major cosmetic company for women of color called Skin Deep. Did I mention that we bring in millions of dollars in revenue? I should love every aspect of my life, but I can't. Rather, I don't.

The problem? My non-existent sex life. About 10 months ago my husband got laid off from his job. He held a position at a top investment company. Though financially we're strained, we are far from broke. But the stress from not being able to secure another position has cost me my orgasms. I must've gotten pregnant on one of the "lucky" nights when he could actually get it up, and I know it didn't last more than 2 minutes.

Mmmm…but now that I have my side piece, none of that matters. I cream at the thought of this magnificent man. My lover responded to a call placed after our cat had gotten stuck in a tree. He along with the firefighters saved Whiskers. However, my kitty still needed to be rescued. She purred as soon as he walked onto my lawn, and I knew immediately I had to have him. The sight of him and the smell of his cologne left my lace Vickie's drenched in sweet nectar. I could imagine him pulling them off with his teeth. My God I had to have this man….only…how?

Since we live in a predominantly white area, I obtained his info under the guise of the "I don't know too many of us around here" card, and it worked!

We now meet at the Holiday Inn in room 696 to fulfill our indulgences. Sitting here in this hotel room waiting for him to once again rescue my kitty, I rehearsed exactly what I would say to break this off. But before I let it go, I needed some goodbye sex. Damn I couldn't wait for Mr. Officer to get here!

Next thing I knew there was a light knock at the door. I could hear the key card inserted, then removed, and the handle granted my lover entry.

He walked in wearing basketball shorts and a "wife beater" tank top. The head in Mr. Man's pants was pushing to get free of the mesh prison.


"Hey beautiful," he greeted me. I melted on site. He made me feel like a goddess, and between my legs was the key to heaven.

"Hey yourself," I responded. The words I rehearsed over and over quickly escaped me. Thoughts of which ways we would fuck today entered my conscious.

Wanting out last time to be uber sexy, I wore a black lace La Perla bra, no panties, and a Herve Leger Bandage dress to accentuate my natural curves.

He walked over to me and said, "Stand up." I undoubtedly did as I was told, and he embraced me giving me a deep passionate kiss. Mr. Officer kissed me for what felt like an eternity, instantly turning me to mush. I could feel his hands roaming my body until one landed on my perfectly round ass, and the other palming one of my D cups.

"Mmmm," I softly exhaled into his ear. Sliding off the straps of my dress he guided it over my hips and onto the floor. I stood there wearing nothing but my bra and some Christian Louboutin 5" heels.

"Damn you are perfect,"he said while pressing his erection against me. Laughingly he then said "you forgot your panties today. Easy access, hunh?"

Leading me over to the bed, he laid me down and climbed on top of me. His lips and hands kissed searched my body. While sucking my right nipple, he slid his hand between my thighs. His finger grazed my wetness, and landed on my clit. I tried to stifle the excitement running through my veins, and he noticed.

"Don't fight it beautiful!" In one swift motion he flipped me over and pulled my body into the doggy style position. I wasn't sure what to expect next, but I craved that sweet dick of his. I felt his fingers ease apart my freshly waxed pussy lips, and he began to lick around, under, and on my clit.

"OHHH!" I yelled out loud. If anyone was in the room next to us-they heard me. Mr. Officer licked my pussy sooooo good! He spread my legs a little further while suckling and nibbling on my shaft.

"SHIT! OH MY GOD! YESSSSSS! RIGHT THERE!! UNHHHHH!" It all came out in one big blurb. I arched my back and came all over my lover's face. Mr. Officer lay on his back, slid up under my body. He pulled my pussy to meet his lips, forcing me to sit up on his face. Immediately his tongue ravaged my sweetness. He lapped up my juices before they had a chance to escape my body.

Mr. Officer slid his middle and index fingers into my vagina, and massaged my g-spot causing me to scream-literally. Maybe it was the position, but every sensation was multiplied times 1000. I quivered and tried to run away, but this man was not having it! Gripping my ass, he worked his way from my sweetness up to my clit, sucked it a bit, and then tasted my juices as they flowed. I felt a rush take over my body, threw my head back, and pushed my pussy into my lover's entire face. The rush gathered is my pussy, causing the walls to rattle. Orgasm, after orgasm, after sweet orgasm caused me to do something I never thought possible-I squirted.

Climbing from atop Mr. Officer's face I lay there motionless. My senses were maxed out, and my pussy still twitched. I was paralyzed, and I loved it!

He got up and went to the bathroom. After washing his face, he returned to my sprawled out naked body, and kissed me on the forehead.

"Goodbye beautiful," he said. Then my lover walked to the door and left.

How will I ever be able to leave this man alone?

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